referral e-mail templates

Promo Mail For Hospitality Brand Owners

to other Restaurants, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Coffee Shops, etc.

Construct your e-mail using the e-mail template down below. Start with a nice ‘hi there [first name]’, and then adjust the template so it matches your tone-of-voice.

We recommend you to reach out multiple times. One e-mail isn’t going to be enough. The more you promote, the more you will earn – but don’t spam them!

Our advised timeline can be found here on the right. You can check out the e-mails mentioned in this image (e.g. “third promo e-mail – testimonial”) for inspiration. 

E-mail Template

Hi there!

How are you doing? [personal intro here]

Recently we finished our [coffee shop/restaurant/cafe]’s website. It was created by a web design agency specialised in hospitality websites. They’re very affordable and we are very happy with the outcome. Upon completion we got a coupon code which we can share with other coffee shops/restaurants/cafes who might want a (new) website.

With our code, you’re getting an additional $50 off. I thought this might interest you, so wanted to share my code with you. It’s [your coupon code]. You can use it on their website when yous sign up for a website.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how I felt about working with them, let me know. Happy to tell you more.

All the best,

[your name]

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